Alpaca Name Quiz

Welcome to the alpaca name quiz. If you're looking for a cute alpaca name, this quiz is the perfect place to start. It'll ask you to answer a few simple questions about your pet's personality and characteristics. The results will show you what kind of alpaca you're named after! From male to female, male and female alpacas have different names. You can choose a name that is humorous, funny, or appropriate for your alpaca.

Which animal best describes you? The alpaca is a ruminant, which means it chews its cud just like cows. For alpacas with fine fibre, you can name them Rasta, which comes from a famous African affiliation of dreadlocks. These creatures are calm and gentle, and are suitable for family pets, but they're still quite a bit different from llamas, so it's best to adopt at least two other alpacas to form a herd.

You can also name your alpaca based on the personality traits of your alpaca. You can choose a funny name like NotaLlama, which is a pun on llama. Another cute name for an equine is Cookie Monster, which is ironic and funny. However, if you'd like to name your alpaca after a popular cartoon character, you could opt for Snowball.

What is your Alpaca Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Alpaca Name is.