The GeneratorFun.com APIS are a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that can be connected with to provide data for your website or application. There are many different data sets you can get, from fantasy name APIs, to real name APIs. We also have humor APIS, writing APIS and much much more.

Our APIS make it easy to integrate any content you could possibly need for your website. Your imagination is the limit with what we have to offer. Get started now and see your site grow!

API List

Real name APIS

Get real names for your website or app. With the new Real name APIs, you can add a fun and engaging features to your site. Build a new, richer experience for your customers by providing them with a real names from GeneratorFun.com.

20th Century English Name API Aboriginal Name API African American Name API Afrikaner Name API Akan Name API Akkadian Name API Albanian Name API Algerian Name API Amazigh Name API American English Name API Amish Name API Ancient Egyptian Name API Arabic Name API Aragonese Name API Argentinian Name API Armenian Name API Assamese Name API Assyrian Name API Asturian Name API Australian Name API Austrian Name API Award Name API Azerbaijani Name API Baby Name API Babylonian Name API Balochi Name API Bashkir Name API Basotho Name API Basque Name API Belgian Name API Bengali Name API Biblical Name API Bosniak Name API Bug Species Name API Byzantine Name API Cajun Name API Canadian Name API Catalan Name API Celtic Breton Name API Celtic Manx Name API Celtic Scottish Name API Celtic Welsh Name API Chinese Name API Circassian Name API Clan Name API Colonial American Name API Color Name API Cornish Name API Croatian Name API Cypriot Name API Danish Name API Dari Name API Disease Name API Dutch Name API Edwardian Name API Element Name API Elizabethan Name API English Name API Epithets API Estonian Name API Etruscan Name API Familiar Types API Faroese Name API Female Name API Filipino Name API Finnish Name API Food Name API Frankish Name API Fraternity Name API French Name API Frisian Name API Fungus Name API Galician Name API Game Engine Name API Gang Name API Georgian Name API German Name API Girl Middle Name API Girl Name API Gothic Name API Gujarati Name API Hacker Name API Haitian Name API Hausa Name API Hawaiian Name API Hebrew Name API Heist Name API Hellenic Name API Hillbilly Name API Hindi Name API Hippie Name API Hispanic Name API Hittite Name API Human Species Name API Hungarian Name API Icelandic Name API Inuit Name API Invention Name API Iranian Name API Irish Name API Irish Surname API Isthmus Name API Italian Name API Jamaican Name API Japanese Name API Khmer Name API Korean Name API Kurdish Name API Kyrgyz Name API Laotian Name API Latin Name API Latvian Name API Law Enforcement Agency Name API Lithuanian Name API Love Nickname API Luxembourgish Name API Macedonian Name API Magazine Name API Male Name API Maltese Name API Mandinka Name API Maori Name API Marathi Name API Marwari Name API Mascot Name API Mayan Name API Measurement Name API Military Division Name API Modern Egyptian Name API Moldovan Name API Mongolian Name API Montenegrin Name API Mormon API Moroccan Name API Name API Native American Name API Nature Name API Ndebele Name API Nepalese Name API Non-Magic User Name API Norman Name API Norwegian Name API Old High German Name API Oriya Name API Oromo Name API Ottoman Name API Pakistani Name API Pashtun Name API Phoenician Name API Pictish Name API Portuguese Name API Posh English Name API Punjabi Name API Puritan Name API Renaissance Name API Romanian Name API Royalty Name API Sami Name API Samoan Name API Sanskrit Name API Sarmatian Name API Scottish Name API Serbian Name API Shakespearean Name API Shona Name API Sikh Name API Sindhi Name API Sinhalese Name API Slavic Name API Slovenian Name API Somali Name API Stage Name API Suebi Name API Sumerian Name API Sundanese Name API Surname API Swahili Name API Swedish Name API Swiss Name API Tahitian Name API Tajik Name API Tamil Name API Telugu Name API Thai Name API Tshiluba Name API Turkish Name API Unique Surname API Urdu Name API Uyghur Name API Victorian Name API Vietnamese Name API Viking Name API Welsh Name API Wuxia Name API Xhosa Name API Yoruba Name API Zambian Name API Zazaki Name API Zoroastrian Name API Zulu Name API


Poem API is a service for developers that lets you create personalized poems and generate names. It helps make your website or app more interactive and lively.

Haiku API

Science APIS

You're about to make a huge discovery! Add a Science API to your website or app to let your users generate earth-shattering science content.

Bot Chat API Conspiracy Theory API Future API Gender API Random Fact API Robot Quote API Round Earth Theory API

Business APIS

Do you have a website or app? Now you can let your users generate business names and content with the help of Business APIs. It's easy to integrate and you'll be making your users' lives easier in no time. Our name generators are the perfect, cost-effective solution for any startup or agency to create business content with. Forget about writing business content yourself!

Arabic Company Name API Beer Money Idea API Business Bullshit API Business Name API Candy Name API Clothing Brand Name API Company Name API Console Name API Cryptocurrency Name API Insurance Excuse API IT Support API Job Title API MLM Bullshit API Office Personality API Programmer Excuse API Real Estate Slogan API Slogan API Startup Idea API

Humor APIS

The Humor APIS are the easiest way to add jokes and humor to your website or app! You no longer have to exhaust your limited creativity, a Humor API can automatically generate for you comedy, jokes and humor on-demand. No more hiring writers or comedians. With Humor APIS you can create the funniest content with just a few clicks.

AntiJoke API Crazy Idea API Drunk Thought API Evil Villain API Flat Earth Theory API Funny Advice API Funny Fake Fact API Funny Roman Name API Joke API Karen Rant API Mall Ninja Bullshit API Mall Ninja Weapon API New Age Bullshit API Nonsense API Oneliner API Pun API Stand Up Comedy API Swear Word API

Quote APIS

With the Quote API you can empower your users to generate quotes on your website or app. The Quote API is designed to be easy to use and gives you the capability to customize your quote by selecting one of our data sources. The quote APIS are a subscription-based API that allows you to generate quotes on your website or app. With Quote APIS, you could unlock generation of quotes for your users and cater to their needs.

Atheist Quote API Confucius Quote API Fortune Cookie API High Idea API Joe Rogan API Life Hack API Motivational Quote API Nostradamus API Prophecy API Riddle API Shower Thought API Unpopular Opinion API Yoda Quote API Zen Quote API

Esoteric APIS

Do you want to make your website, app or chatbot more fun and engaging? Add a Esoteric API to your site. Our APIs help users generate Esoteric content like horoscopes, prayers and more. With a wide range of APIs to choose from, you'll have an enjoyable experience for your website's visitors.

Commandment API Creationism Theory API Dream API Flying Spaghetti Monster Quote API Horoscope API Pagan Name API Prayer API Weird Dream API

Popular culture APIS

Add a Popular culture API to your website or app to let your users generate Popular culture content with just a few clicks. Our data is hand-picked, sourced from authentic social media channels and updated regularly to keep the Popular culture content fresh. No need for any copywriting know-how.

Dance Name API Darwin Award API Mandela Effect API My Little Pony API

Sport APIS

Adding a Sport API will let your users generate their own Sports content and compete for the highest engagement. Our platform empowers developers to build real-time, user-generated sports content that can be used for any site or app. Customize it to fit your brand and watch as you'll receive increased engagements, more users, reduced costs, and more.

Fight Move API Golf Sucks API Wrestler Name API Yoga Pose API


Introducing Game and Gaming APIs! Adding this to your website or app will enable your users to generate Game and Gaming content through a wide range of features and functions. That means no more waiting for developers, the users themselves can do it!

Animal Crossing Island Name API Auto Chess Quote API Board Game Name API Game API Game Name API Gamertag API Motto API Trivia API Truth or Dare API Xbox Gamertag API

Dating APIS

Make your app or website stand out by adding Dating APIs to let users generate dating and romance content. Dating APIs will create a better online experience for all users, which will lead to increased conversions and more revenue opportunities for you! It's never been easier to provide content and live chat services with these easy-to-integrate APIs.

Compliment API Dating Tip API I Love You API Pickup Line API

Writing APIS

Stand out from the competition with Writing APIS. Whether your users are publishers, content creators, or marketers, The Writing APIS will help your users generate more content for their writing projects. With seamless integration into your website or app, your users can accessing start writing tools in minutes.

6 Word Story API Blog Title API Book Title API Creepypasta Name API Creepypasta Story Title API Ebook Title API Plot API Reading Idea API Revenge Story API Two Sentence Horror Story API Writing Prompt API


Web APIs are key to the web. They allow people to do everything from creating a web page to integrating a map into their website. Using our service, you can add web APIs to your website or app in minutes without ever having to code.

Domain Name API Facebook Status API Funny Username API Instagram Username API Password API Private Story Name API Username API

Food and drink APIS

Let your website or app users create recipes, blog posts, and more with our food and drink APIs. It's easy to use and can be installed in minutes. No matter what your users are looking for, we have an API for that. From beers to wines, from the grocery store to the farmers market - Food and drink APIs have everything you need.

Beer Brand API Burger Name API Cocktail API Cooking Tip API Craft Beer Name API Energy Drink Name API Food Fact API Hillbilly Menu API Hot Sauce Name API Menu API Smoothie API

Personal APIS

Personal APIs is a set of generated content tools that let your users or customers generate data that can be used to customize their experience on your website or app. Simply add a Personal API and the content will be generated in your app

Birthday Wish API Bucket List API Neopronoun API

Media APIS

Stop wasting time on media content - just add Media APIs to your website or app, and we'll do the work for you.

Artwork Name API Kung Fu Movie API Photoshop Tip API Reality Show API

Event APIS

Do you want to provide a first-class user experience across all of your users? Add Event APIs to your website or app, and let your users generate Event related content. All you have to do is integrate our library, and you're set! Once that's done, let the API do the work for you. You'll be able to craft beautiful, interactive experiences that are more rewarding & engaging for your users than ever before.

Covid19 Lockdown Activity API Halloween Costume API

Ipsum APIS

It's never been easier to add some variation to your site or app. Let your users generate some content with Ipsum APIS

Cheese Ipsum API

Excuse APIS

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to quickly come up with an excuse? Excuse APIs will allow your users to generate excuses related content for any use-case.

Excuse API Work Excuse API

Tattoo APIS

Your customers want content about Tattoo? Give them the power to create it themselves with our Tattoo APIS. With our RESTful API, your users will be able to generate content with just a few clicks, so you don't have to worry about your content ever again. Add a beautiful new dimension of customer engagement to your site or app and take care of all your content in little time.

Tattoo Idea API

Place name APIS

Developers, we've got a great API for you. Place name APIs will allow your users to create their own Place name content. It's fast, simple and affordable - just what you need to make your website or app stand out from the crowd.

Airport Name API Amusement Park Name API Antique Store Name API Arcade Name API Asylum Name API Bakery Name API Bank Name API Beach Name API Blacksmith Name API Bookshop Name API Brewery Name API Bridge Name API Cafe Name API Camp Name API Casino Name API Castle Name API Cave Name API Cemetery Name API Circus Name API City Name API Cliff Name API Continent Name API Country Name API Craft Store Name API Dating Agency Name API Daycare Name API Desert Name API Dimension Name API Dungeon Name API Farm Name API Film Studio Name API Fjord Name API Forest Name API Galaxy Name API Game Studio Name API Grassland Name API Graveyard Name API Harbor Name API Headquarters Name API Hideout Name API Hospital Name API Hotel Name API House Name API Inn Name API Irish Pub Name API Island Name API Jungle Name API Kingdom Name API Laboratory Name API Lake Name API Land Name API Library Name API Mansion Name API Meteor Name API Mining Company Name API Motorcycle Club Name API Mountain Name API Museum Name API Nebula Name API Nightclub Name API Oasis Name API Ocean Name API Orphanage Name API Outpost Name API Park Name API Pet Business Name API Pet Shop Name API Pirate Cove Name API Pizzeria Name API Planet Name API Plantation Name API Plaza Name API Prison Name API Realm Name API Restaurant Name API River Name API Road Name API Ruin Name API School Name API Sea Name API Shop Name API Sky Island Name API Snowland Name API Spa Name API Space Colony Name API Space Station Name API Sports Arena Name API Stadium Name API Star Name API Store Name API Street Name API Swamp Name API Tattoo Parlor Name API Tavern Name API Temple Name API Theater Name API Tower Name API Town Name API Village Name API Volcano Name API Wasteland Name API Waterfall Name API World Name API Zoo Name API

Fantasy name APIS

Give your users the ability to create their own Fantasy name related content quickly with Fantasy name APIs. Our APIs provide a variety of tools for handling user creation, content discovery, and content consumption. Whether you're a game developer, an app developer, or just want to make a website for a niche interest, our Fantasy name API will help you build more quality content than ever before!

Afterlife Name API AI Name API Alien Name API Alliance Name API Amazon Name API Angel Name API Anglo Saxon Name API Animal Species Name API Anime Character Name API Anthousai Name API Apocalypse Mutant Name API Apocalypse Name API Army Name API Artifact Name API Attack Move Name API Attack Name API Bandit Name API Banshee Name API Barbarian Name API Basilisk Name API Battle Arena Name API Battle Name API Bluecap Name API Bounty Hunter Name API Bouquet Name API Boxer Name API Character Name API Chosen One Name API Clown Name API Cockatrice Name API Code Name API Computer Virus Name API Cult Name API Cupid Name API Curse Name API Dark Elf Name API Death Name API Death Worm Name API Demon Name API Detective Name API Dragon Name API Drink Name API Drug Name API Dwarf Name API Elemental Name API Elf Name API Enchanted Gear Name API Enchantment Name API Evil Clown Name API Evil Name API Fairy Name API Fantasy Creature Name API Fantasy Food Name API Fantasy Name API Fantasy Profession Name API Fantasy Race Name API Fantasy Surname API Fantasy Tree Name API Fire Land Name API Gangsta Name API Ghost Name API Ghoul Name API Gnome Name API Golem Name API Guardian Name API Halfling Name API Harpy Name API Hellhound Name API Heroic Horse Name API Hobbit Name API Killer Name API Knight Name API Kung Fu Attack API Mad Scientist Name API Mage Tower Name API Magic School Book API Magic School Name API Magic Shop Name API Magic Type API Magical Disease Name API Manga Name API Medieval Name API Mermaid Name API Minotaur Name API Mobster Name API Mortal Kombat Name API Necromancer Name API Ninja Name API Orc Name API Peasant name API Phoenix Name API Pirate Name API Profession API Puppet Name API Religion API Robot Name API Samurai Name API Servant Name API Skeleton Name API Slave Name API Steampunk House Name API Steampunk Name API Super Villain Name API Superhero Name API Sword Name API Unicorn Name API Vampire Name API Villager Name API Warrior NickName API Werewolf Name API Werewolf Pack Name API Witch Coven Name API Witch Name API Wizard Name API Wood Elf Name API Yeti Name API Zombie Name API Zombie Type API

Animal name APIS

If you're looking for an easy way to generate engaging content related to Animal names, then the Animal name APIs are for you! With a simple integration, your users will be able to interact with fun & educational Animal name content in an immersive way. Get more views, followers, and likes today!

Alpaca Name API Animal Group Name API Badger Name API Bat Name API Bear Name API Bird Name API Bug Name API Cat Name API Chicken Name API Chinchilla Name API Cow Name API Crab Name API Deer Name API Dinosaur Name API Dog Name API Dolphin Name API Donkey Name API Duck Name API Elephant Name API Fish Name API Flamingo Name API Fox Name API Frog Name API Gecko Name API Giraffe Name API Guinea Pig Name API Hamster Name API Hedgehog Name API Hermit Crab Name API Horse Name API Insect Name API Koala Name API Lion Name API Lizard Name API Llama Name API Monkey Name API Moth Name API Mouse Name API Owl Name API Panda Name API Parrot Name API Penguin Name API Pig Name API Polar Bear Name API Rabbit Name API Racehorse Name API Rat Name API Reptile Name API Shark Name API Sheep Name API Snake Name API Spider Name API Squid Name API Tiger Name API Tortoise Name API Turtle Name API Wolf Name API

Object name APIS

Get a steady stream of high-quality content with Object name APIs. Integrate Object name APIs into your website or app and offer your website's visitors the ability to generate content. You can do this by adding on Object name APIs to any page, post, or article.

Boat Name API Car Name API RV Name API Teddy Bear Name API

Music name APIS

Add Music name APIs to your website or app and let your users generate their own music name related content. You can integrate generic content like lyrics, or you can also create custom content that's unique to your business.

Album Name API DJ Name API Metal Band Name API Rap Name API

Funny name APIS

Funny name APIs can help you add amazing content generation capabilities to your website or app. You’ll be able to generate Funny-name related content, such as Funny name recipes, Funny name games, and Funny name jokes. Just give it a try. You’ll see how easy it is to integrate our APIs into your website or app!

Cumberbatch Name API Drag Queen Name API

Money APIS

Money APIS is an API for developers in need of resources for their website. It gives your customers the resources they need to create financial content, while you can make more money

Financial Advice API Late Rent Excuse API

Team name APIS

You've been searching for a solution to give your users the ability to create their own Team name content that will resonate with them and make them want to come back. Well, stop searching because you're here. Our AI-powered Team name API is what you need in order to create your very own Team name generator. It's the best thing that's ever happened to Team name content creation.

Chili Cook Off Team Name API Dirty Fantasy Football Team Name API Dodge Ball Team Name API Funny Team Name API Team Name API Trivia Team Name API

Minecraft name APIS

Generate unlimited Minecraft names without worrying about copyright infringement or offending players. We use the latest in AI and machine learning algorithms to generate high-quality, unique content. Deploy quickly and easily on any website or app with our REST API.

Minecraft Bat Name API Minecraft Blaze Name API Minecraft Cat Name API Minecraft Chicken Name API Minecraft Cow Name API Minecraft Creeper Name API Minecraft Dolphin Name API Minecraft Donkey Name API Minecraft Endermen Name API Minecraft Fish Name API Minecraft Fox Name API Minecraft Ghast Name  API Minecraft Horse Name API Minecraft Illager Name API Minecraft Iron Golem Name API Minecraft Llama Name API Minecraft Mooshroom Name API Minecraft Panda Name API Minecraft Parrot Name API Minecraft Phantom Name API Minecraft Pig Name API Minecraft Polar Bear Name API Minecraft Rabbit Name API Minecraft Ravager Name API Minecraft Sheep Name API Minecraft Skeleton Horse Name API Minecraft Skeleton Name API Minecraft Snow Golem Name API Minecraft Spider Name API Minecraft Squid Name API Minecraft Turtle API Minecraft Villager Name API Minecraft Witch Name API Minecraft Wither Name API Minecraft Wolf Name API Minecraft Zombie Name API Minecraft Zombie Pigman Name API

Question APIS

Question API provides a bunch of simple-to-learn APIs that make it easy to generate a variety of content. Whether you're looking for questions, answer pairs, questionnaires, or word games, we've got you covered. The API is easy to implement, and the service is super cheap - all in all, it's money well spent.

Conversation Starter API Question API Relationship Question API Stupid Question API Would You Rather API

Insult APIS

Insult APIs are the perfect way to provide a lighthearted jab to your users. With Insult APIs, you can allow your users to create insults that automatically generate a personalized, wittily-worded insult. A unique and easy way to engage with your visitors!

British Insult API Comeback API Insult API

Martial arts APIS

With our API, your users can now generate content for your website or app. Unleash the power of your Martial arts audience by giving them the ability to generate content for you-- they will soon be your most valuable resource!

BJJ Tips API Bullshido API Martial Arts API Martial Arts Fact API Martial Arts Tips API

Scifi APIS

Scifi APIs is the first and only API for generating Scifi content for your website or blog. It is powered by machine-learning algorithms to provide the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to generate great science fiction content. Scifi APIs offers a comprehensive suite of services for developers, from generating stories and blog posts to creating a full-fledged website theme with AI-generated content.

Cyberpunk Name API Cyberpunk Nickname API

Gamer name APIS

With Gamer name APIs, your users will be able to create the best RPG characters with ease. No more is your imagination the limit. With Gamer name APIs, you can generate mobs, wizards, and knights without having to type a single letter. Save time and build your worlds now!

Animatronic Name API Apex Legends Name API CSGO Name API Cyberpunk 2077 Name API DotA 2 Name API Fallout Name API Fortnite Name API Grand Theft Auto Name API Hearthstone Name API League of Legends Name API Minecraft Name API Nintendo Switch Name API Overwatch Name API Playstation Name API PoKeMoN Go Name API PUBG Name API Red Dead Redemption Name API Ring Of Elysium Name API Roblox Name API Rocket League Name API Runescape Name API Rust Name API Steam Name API TF2 Name API World of Warcraft Name API Xbox Name API

Legal APIS

Legal APIs is a suite of API tools that empowers developers and businesses to easily generate legal content for their websites and apps. We provide the easiest source of legal information in the world, and we're continually expanding our library. With Legal APIs, everyone can have access to all the legal information they need for any use case, at the touch of a button.

Legal Defense Opening API

Music APIS

API developers, your app is now complete. Music APIs can be used by you to create a fully-featured, advanced music service for your website or mobile app. Our API is fully RESTful, real-time, and comprehensive in the music data it offers. Our goal is to empower innovators with the tools they need to create incredible new experiences for their users.

Misheard Song Lyrics API Playlist Name API Rickroll API

History APIS

With History APIs, it's never been easier to bring the past to life. Whether you're a developer looking for quick and easy access to historical data or a user who wants to generate content about History using your favorite tool, it's all in one place. The History APIs provides the fastest, easiest way to get started.

Unsolved Mystery API

Travel APIS

Travel is more than just a place. You can feel it, touch it, and experience it. Our APIs make it easy to incorporate travel into any website or business by letting users create, travel content. By making travel available on your site, you'll be one step ahead of your competitors.

Travel Tip API

Pet name APIS

We provide a simple API for pet name programming. Use it to create, search, and share pet names with our database of unlimited random pet names.

Pet Rock Name API