Bucket List API

Welcome to the Bucket List API. The Bucket List API allows you to add the contents of a user's bucket to your Website. You can query the user's goals, share individual URLs, or even display static web pages. The Bucketlist API is available for free without authentication. In addition, this service allows you to add content from your own bucket to your Website. The Bucket List API provides a RESTful interface to add bucket content to your Website. The Bucket List API can access the contents of a user's bucket. The data in the bucket is in the form of a key/value pair. The keys are UTF-8 strings up to 50 bytes long. In addition, they can include special characters such as "+" or "-." When using the Bucket List API, you must provide a name for the Bucket. The bucket name must be at least six characters long. There is no limit on the number of characters you can use. The bucket name must not start with "b2" or "b3"; they are reserved for Backblaze use. Users must have authorization to upload into a bucket or list its contents. The Bucket List API is provided as a single row in JSON format. Currently there is a soft limit for subscribers of 5000 requests per month. The monthly cost of using the Bucket List API is only $3.99. About the cost of a Big Mac. But tastes better ;)

Example Bucket List API Output:

"Adopt a pet from the animal shelter "

Bucket List API Hosting

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Bucket List API Integration

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