How to use GeneratorFun

This page describes how to use the generators provided by GeneratorFun.

Pre Generation Options

The generator options allow you to change the output of the generators. Each of these options is described below.


Sets let you decide how many results you want generated. If you are not logged in the maximum is 10, logged in you can generate up to 20 at a time.


The Edit Option turns on 3 key features that will be available when you generate content:
1. Edit. Edit will make the text editable so you can make changes before copying your list. Using this feature in conjunction with an AI writing tool such as Rytr allows you to create powerful content perfect for blogs, writing etc. For more advanced articles such as blogs, we suggest Article Forge
2. Copy. Copy lets you copy individual snippets of code.
3. Rewrite. This button uses AI to rewrite generated content. Using powerful enterprise-level AI engines this option can paraphrase the text into a new rewritten structure. This hidden gem is one of the few free Paraphrasers on the web.


Generators by default will either have a black background or an image. This option let's you turn it off


Some generators such as jokes can generator NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. This is turned off by default and we do our best to ensure clean content. Note this option is not available on generators where it makes no sense.


The translate option provides you with a huge list of funny translations you can apply to the generated text


Prefix is great when you want to turn the generated content into a list form. One of the options is Name which works well if you have a pair of values and you want to relate the results to your first and last name. You will see this type of Meme a lot on social media. Does not work well or at all where the 2 set concept does not exist.


If the generator can generate multiple sets such as Male and Female names, then the options drop down will appear. Simply pick which one you want and it will generate from that set.


The filter option lets you only include content with the value(s) you provide. This is a very powerful tool to give you more control over generated results


The exclude filter allows you to select the value(s) you don't want in the generated content.

Additional Inclusion Field

On some generators such as Baby Name Generator, you will see an additional field you can use. In the case of the baby name generator, it has a surname which is then appended to the generated baby names

Post Generation Options

The post generation options provide all the tools you need to use the generated content.

Editor Options

If you selected the Editor option you will now find each set of generated content has the Edit, Copy and Rewrite options mentioned above for you to use.


This option is below the generated content. This will copy the generated text to the clipboard of your device


If you are logged in then you can save the generated list to visit again later. Your generated lists are available from the Saved Lists option on your personal home screen.

Save as Image

The Save as Image option will convert the generated text to a PNG image file that you can download to your device for sharing on social media. There is also a handy Pinterest Pin button for you if you wish to put it on Pinterest.

Usage of the Generator Content

Any generated content is free for use in any of your projects as long as it is not being used by anybody else. It is possible the generators could generate content already used by other projects or copyrighted works. We suggest you use Rytr to check generated content for any plagiarism before you use it. Also feel free to give us a shout out if you use any of the generated content on your sites, apps, or projects :)


All our generators have an API available for you to use on your own site, mobile app, or whatever project you want. Some of our generators generate 1000 trillion unique results so there is something for every project. The monthly cost of an API is the same price as a Big Mac. Yum. Check out all our APIs Here.