Get a GeneratorFun Premium Account

The GeneratorFun Premium Account is for serious writers, game developers, DND masters, fantasy content creators or anybody else who needs extra features. The Premium account gives you the following awesome features:

No Ads

You get a 100% ad free experience and at the same time supporting GeneratorFun to make more awesome content! Nobody likes ads but they are important to fund powering the massive databases and AI engines to generate vast random content. By going ad free your generators will run faster and you will have a general better experience on GeneratorFun.

Generate up to 100 Sets at a Time

If you need big lists for your projects then the 100 set generation option is perfect. Great for blogs and articles when you want to show 100 of "something" in a list.

Watermark Free Images

Generated Images will not have on the image so you can make it unique to you and your project.

Advanced AI Content Rewriting

This is a current project we are working on, but it takes the already powerful AI content rewriter to a new level by intergrating into massive cloud based AI engines. As this does cost, it will only be available to Premium Members.

Priority Generator Requests

Do you need a generator that we don't have. Send us a request and we will build it for you and as a Premium member you are at the top of the list for Generator development.

How much for this Magic you ask?

$3.99 USD per month. The average price of a Big Mac in the US. For a tiny amount you get access to all the above features and much much more as we keep adding more coolness to the generators

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