Bullshido API

Welcome to the Bullshido API. The Bullshido API is provided as a single row in JSON format. Currently there is a soft limit for subscribers of 5000 requests per month. The monthly cost of using the Bullshido API is only $3.99. About the cost of a Big Mac. But tastes better ;)

Example Bullshido API Output:

"Martial Arts is not inherently a religion, though it can be for some. Martial Arts is more of spirituality, or rather how one relates to the world of spirit, and that\u2019s going to be unique and individual for each martial artist. You alone are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Avoid BJJ. Bjj guys spend more time between their opponents legs than their own ballsack. With upwards block, you can stop things like baseball bats from attacking your head. A martial artist is wise. He has earned his wisdom. He has proven he can stand comfortably within his powers. He has become the true embodiment of a master. Remember once you reach blackbelt to list your fists as 'deadly weapons' with the local police authorities. "

Bullshido API Hosting

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Bullshido API Integration

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