Ancient Egyptian Town Name Quiz

Welcome to the ancient egyptian town name quiz. The Egyptian town names were very similar to the names we have today. The main difference is that the ancient ones used a variety of forms and many of them are not appropriate for modern-day towns. The names that are in the generator will not fit for a modern town, but you can still use them for your own unique name. To start, you can click a button and the generator will randomly generate 10 random names.

For example, Per-Bast, also known as Khmunu, was a resort town on the border between Lower and Upper Egypt. This was the center of religion in the region. In Egyptian mythology, the first sunrise was supposedly over Hermopolis. Thoth was the primary god in Hermopolis. Another example of a modern city is Crocodilopolis, which is a Greek word for Shedet. It was a major cult center and home to the tomb of the crocodile god, Sobek.

The Ancient Egyptian town of Zau is the oldest one. It is located in the western part of the Nile Delta and was a seat of power in the 23rd and 24th dynasties. It was also home to the temple of the god Ra. The priests of Heliopolis kept records of important events in the kingdom and were said to be the most knowledgeable about the past.

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