Babylonian Name Quiz

Welcome to the babylonian name quiz. Ancient Babylonian culture was known for its fine arts and amazing architecture. You may be a creative type who is interested in discovering names with interesting meanings. The ancient city of Baghdad, on the Euphrates River, was one of the most advanced civilizations in the world during the Ancient Ages. Its ruins can still be found in Iraq. Its ruins have been mentioned in the Bible and ancient scriptures.

Many of our favorite names come from the Ancient Near East. The word Babylon is mentioned in many biblical books, such as the Book of Revelation. These references to the ancient city sparked interest in Mesopotamian archaeology, and German archaeologist Robert Koldewey excavated the city in 1899 CE. This ancient civilization was also known for the great pyramids of Giza, which were built in the Middle East.

The ancient god of Babylon was known as Marduk. He was the chief god of Babylon and the national god of the country. He was also known as Bel and later became the administrative capital of the Persian empire. During Cyrus' time, the city flourished as a center of art, learning, and science. His descendants were renowned for their cosmology and astronomy. The famous philosopher Thales of Miletus developed his mathematical theorem on the basis of a Babylonian model.

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