Basque Name Quiz

Welcome to the basque name quiz. Taking a Basque name quiz can help you find out more about the history and culture of your heritage. The name Ander comes from San Ignacio of Lotyoa, the first ruler of Pamplona. It is easy to say and translates to "man". Other versions of the name are Andone, which means 'flower', or Antton, which means 'of Mars'. Aranxa is a Spanish version of Elizabeth and means'snow'.

The first two names in the quiz are from the ancient Basque language. Xabier means 'new house'. While the last name of the famous Basque saint is Xabier, it also means "snow." Xavier is a male Basque name but sounds better on a female. Another choice is 'Irera', which means 'happiness'. This name is popular in Spain and is also popular in Scandinavia.

The Basque version of 'Visitacion' is Iker. Iker means 'visitation'. The name is a good choice for winter born girls. The name Iara, which means 'gleam', is a very popular choice in the United States. In Spain, it is the fastest growing boy's name, and is the nickname of the town of Arantzazu. 'Arantxazu' means 'thorn bush' and is a common baby name. Many people associate this Basque name with the famous Spanish tennis player Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.

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