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Welcome to the bug name quiz. What is your bug name? There are many different bugs, but you may not know them all. This test will test your knowledge of these insects, their physiology, and other aspects of entomology. There are no right or wrong answers; you will be awarded points for every correct answer. Take the quiz to find out what your bug name is! Once you know your name, you can use it to find out what your friends will call you on Facebook.

The four-lined plant bug feeds on currants, gooseberries, and blueberries. This insect is eight millimeters long, and it has four black longitudinal lines on its back. Its presence causes brown spots to appear on plant leaves, which can lead to withering. The female deposits clusters of eggs in the plant stems. It only reproduces once a year, and is usually controlled by pruning or burning affected plants.

What is your bug's name? This fun quiz is based on the common names of insects, which is a great way to learn about some of the most common pests. Try answering the question correctly to see how well you know the bug. The results will surprise you! By the end of the quiz, you'll know the insect's name and have fun while learning about its fascinating behavior.

What is your Bug Name?

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