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Generate business bullshit quotes using the random Business Bullshit Generator. The perfect tool for generating corporate gibberish speak, buzz phrases, and ridiculous management speak. Be edgy at your next meeting or corporate presentation with mouthfuls of business bullshit jargon. Save thousands on speechmakers, marketers, and management with some edgy-generated business bullshit. The Business Bullshit Generator is your #1 source for humourous business mumbo-jumbo.  The Business Bullshit generator currently can create over 232,560 unique results. Even more if you use a translator or the AI content rewriter.


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Business Bullshit Generator Overview

The Business Bullshit Generator creates funny bullshit quotes about business. Drawn from our massive database of bullshit we can generate unlimited random exaggerated and pompous business jargon and buzzwords. The generated corporate bullshit is perfect for meetings, documents and generally annoying or baffling your co-workers. Don't forget to add a got sprinkling of business bullshit to your new marketing campaign. The perfect tool for bullshitting marketers. We hope you enjoy peppering your next speech or presentation with tons of premium freshly delivered bullshit straight from the holy cow of business bullshit. The business bullshit generator is also great for writing technical papers or books. Nobody actually reads those so you can quickly fill page after page with mountains of bullshit.

How to Generate a Business Bullshit

Hit the generator button and away you go. When you have enough business bullshit simply hit the Copy button to copy all the piles of crap to your device clipboard. Don't forget to share that bullshit with the social media buttons that will let you spray it all over Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Business Bullshit API

Do you want to have Business Bullshit random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Business Bullshit API

Top 10 Business Bullshits

This is a list of the top 10 Business Bullshits for 2021.

1. drive e-business experiences

2. harness dot-com deliverables

3. architect leading-edge relationships

4. disintermediate holistic users

5. extend granular channels

6. e-enable enterprise partnerships

7. implement clicks-and-mortar metrics

8. mesh interactive eyeballs

9. transition web-enabled niches

10. drive viral functionalities

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Business Bullshits Business Bullshits Business Bullshits Business Bullshits

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oliver_clothes_off oliver_clothes_off 2021-09-03 18:33:26

et's just say that the creator of this generator probably has a lot of time on his hands. I know that I've never met someone who would like the idea of generating BS for a living, but if you're into wasting your time this is it!!