Cajun Name Quiz

Welcome to the cajun name quiz. If you're from Louisiana, you've probably thought about giving your baby a Cajun name. If so, you might also consider a Cajun name for your new addition. The name comes from the French and Canadian roots of the people who settled in the state. Acadians and some French settlers also lived in the region. The Cajun culture was a major influence on the development of American culture.

The name Cajun means 'the people from the Cajun region.' They are not strictly related to the French or Spanish language, but they do share some common characteristics. The French settlers usually translated their names to communicate with their English neighbors. This means that if someone's first name is LeBlanc, it would be pronounced as "White." Other names, such as Bourque, refer to people with tawny hair. Other popular Cajun names include:

What is your Cajun Name? Take the Cajun Name Quiz to find out! There are a lot of names with similar pronunciations and meanings. There are many options, so you can be sure to find yours. Some of the French names include LeBlanc, which both mean "white" in French. Another common choice is Bourque. It means "tawny" and is associated with a man with brown or tawny hair.

What is your Cajun Name?

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