Catalan Name Quiz

Welcome to the catalan name quiz. While Spanish and Catalan names are similar, there are important differences. Most of the names are shared with their Spanish counterparts, but there are a few that are more common in Catalonia. Although Spanish and French names are much more common, a few of the names in Catalonia are unique, too. While Spanish and French names are quite similar, Catalan names are different from each other.

The word Catala refers to a ship, a surname, and the Majorcan dialect. The majority of Catalan families lived in the USA between 1880 and 1920. Louisiana had the highest number of Catalan households. You can find out more about your family history by checking census records. You'll find out where you were born and what you were doing when you were born.

A common choice is Josep, which means Joseph. While it sounds like a typical Italian name, it's a very rare choice in Catalonia. It's a very uncommon first name and has been used by only a handful of native speakers. However, it's the most unique and interesting choice in the country. You can learn more about your family history by taking the Catalan Name Quiz. What is Yours?

What is your Catalan Name?

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