Celtic Manx Name Quiz

Welcome to the celtic manx name quiz. The language of the Isle of Mann is Gaelic. Historically, the island was a part of Ireland and has a population of 85,000. The Manx language is closely related to Scottish Gaelic and Irish, but is closer to English names. The differences between these languages can make a difference. You can take this quiz to find out if you have a Celtic or Gaelic name.

The first name in Manx is Tosha. This is an ancient Scottish name meaning'sun-dancing'. The word Pile was first used in the 12th century when Pope Gregory IX adopted it and used it to refer to a castle on the island. The name Finella is derived from an Irish name Finola, meaning 'white shoulder'. The name translates to 'beautiful'. Other examples of common Celtic Manx names include Annabelle, which means beautiful and elegant. Camdyn is an ancient Scottish village name, referring to a person from a windy valley. The Celtic Manx word Teagan means 'hole, small bay, or pit'.

Taking the quiz will help you to determine the Celtic Manx name you want to use. The names you'll find on birth announcements are sourced from historic documents and scholarly texts and are not representative of your own name. If you don't like the answers that come up on the first page, you can always read more information about Celtic names and their meanings. The quiz will also help you to figure out your Celtic Manx name.

What is your Celtic Manx Name?

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