Celtic Scottish Name Quiz

Welcome to the celtic scottish name quiz. Trying to figure out the origin of your Celtic name? Take this Gaelic name quiz and find out. Known as the "Land of the Celts," the Celtic languages once covered most of Europe and Asia Minor. As a result, many people in the U.S. have a Celtic name. You may be wondering where it comes from, but it's not a difficult question to answer - and the quiz makes it easy to do!

If you're looking for a beautiful name that sounds Scottish, consider Bonnie. This popular choice has been deemed a synonym of beauty, charm, and beauty. This regal name is derived from the Old Norse name eysteinn, which means "eternal island stone." If you'd like to take a quiz to see which Celtic Scottish names you might have in your family, check out Hamish, a Scottish version of James. It means "supplanter" or "Highlander" and has ties to Clara. Another popular Celtic Scottish surname is Baird, which means "great sun," meaning "bard." This is a name that would suit someone who loves literature.

If you're Irish, consider Liusaidh, a Celtic Gaelic alternative to Lucia, the Italian lyrical name for "light." Liusaidh is pronounced loo-sai. The Scottish Gaelic name Hamish is also an anglicized version of James. It means supplanter, Highlander, or noble. Morag is another popular Irish name, meaning great sun, and is a variation of Sarah.

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