Civilization Name Quiz

Welcome to the civilization name quiz. The creator of the popular video game Civilization, Sid Meier, has created a Civilization Name quiz. The creators worked with veteran board-game designer Bruce Shelley to develop the game. Both were inspired by illustrated history books and the popular Seven Cities of Gold video game. The quiz starts with a covered wagon and the player must learn the arts of metalworking and horse riding before he can expand his culture. As his society grows and prospers, the civilization's empire continues to grow and expand, exposing more of the world to the player. Once he conquers the rest of the world, the civilization has become an interconnected patchwork of countries.

While each civilization has its own unique traits, many of them share common characteristics. For example, the Greeks developed democracy and the Senate, and they laid the foundation for modern science. Famous Greek scientists and inventors include Pythagoras, Archimedes, Socrates, Euclid, and Plato. Ancient China is home to countless notable figures, including the philosophers Confucius and Aristotle.

If you're wondering if you have an accurate idea of the civilization you were born into, take the Civilization Name Quiz. What is your civilization?? Try it now. You may be surprised to discover your true culture. Taking a civilization quiz will help you better understand yourself. You'll learn more about your own heritage and your heritage. It's a fun way to learn more about your past.

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