Colony Name Quiz

Welcome to the colony name quiz. Did you know that the thirteen original colonies were named after English kings? The first one, New Jersey, was named for its founder, William Penn. "Sylvania," the Latin word for woods, meant Penn's woods. In 1680, King Charles II provided the colony with a charter. The next colony, Georgia, was named after King George II. In 1733, it was the last of the thirteen colonies.

Which of the thirteen colonies is yours? The Southern Colonies were Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The Chesapeake Colony was the Dominion of Virginia. Both were named after the Spanish kings. The original colonies were not islands; they were part of the United States. The English and French governments split the territory into smaller colonies. The colonists were often not voluntarily sent to a foreign land. They could not turn back once they arrived.

Which State is Yours? Which State is the Same? If so, what is its name? The answer may surprise you. What is your state's name? The answer is part of the colony's history. The name is often associated with the country in which it's located. If the city was named for a monarch, it would have a royal connection.

What is your Colony Name?

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