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Generate some very original Confucius Quote with the Confucius Quote generator. The generator generates quotes that sound as they have come from Confucius himself. The perfect tool for generating 100% original Confucious quotes.

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Confucius Quote Generator Overview

The Confucius Quote generator lets you create new and random original quotes that are just like what Confucius would have said. Based on a database of all known ancient wisdom, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software then produces completely original and unseen before Confucious Quotes. Every quote generated sounds and reads as if it actually came directly from Confucious. All generated quotes sound deeply wise, ponderous and enlightening and are perfect for when you need to sound all-knowing. You can use the Confucius Quote Generator for writing projects, gaming and other projects where you need wise quotes.

How to Generate a Confucius Quote

Hit the Generate button to get your original and random Confucius Quote. You can control how much Confucious Quotes are generated by using the Sets option. When you finally have the wisdom of Confuscious you have been seeking, hit the Copy button to copy the wisdom to your device clipboard. Don't forget to share all the generated Confuscious wisdom with your friends by using the social media buttons. The social media buttons will get your message out to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Confucius Quote API

Do you want to have Confucius Quote random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Confucius Quote API

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