Dark Souls Name Quiz

Welcome to the dark souls name quiz. If you've ever played Dark Souls, you know that the game's names have meanings that go beyond the words. If you have a name that sounds like Dark Spirit, you are likely to be extremely expressive and imaginative. They are often highly creative and can explain complex concepts in simple terms. Regardless of whether you were born with this unique name, you'll enjoy this quiz to learn more about yourself.

Some famous Dark-Souls characters have unique names. Some of these include the Head of Gravelord Servant Nito, Oscar, Knight of Astora, and Quelana, the chaos witch and Lord of Sunlight. You might be a writer, designer, teacher, or commentator. There are also plenty of funny druid names and Altmer names that you can choose.

If your Dark-Souls name is Artorias, you're an Abysswalker. You're the Lord of Sunlight and one of the four Knights of Gwyn. Your character's name is Artorias. Alvina is a forest hunter and master of the Forest Hunter Covenant. She's a massive cat with speech. Andre of Astora is the blacksmith at Firelink Shrine. Big Hat Logan is a great sorcerer.

What is your Dark Souls Name?

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