Disease Name Quiz

Welcome to the disease name quiz. If you have ever heard of a certain disease, you may be wondering how to spell it. The disease name is the one that is given to a particular affliction. This quiz can help you figure out what that name is, as well as the shortened version. All diseases begin the same way, though there are differences. You can't always remember how a disease was first named.

Many people don't realize that they're carriers of these diseases. Some of them are transmitted through bites or wounds, and others can be contracted from people who have the disease. Among these diseases is tetanus, which is a bacterial infection. It can cause many illnesses, including blood and ear infections, meningitis and spinal cord infection, and a variety of other complications. It's also spread through open sores, which is why it's often referred to as "lockjaw."

Another type of infection is tetanus. It is caused by a bacterium called a coronavirus and is often contracted through cutting on a rusty nail. In fact, Captain Hardy's death from tetanus was the result of contracting tetanus. Lockjaw is a term given to one of the early symptoms of the infection, and refers to a spasm of the jaw muscles called the masseter.

What is your Disease Name?

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