Doctor Who Ice Warrior Name Quiz

Welcome to the doctor who ice warrior name quiz. You may have noticed that the Ice Warriors don't have a name! The eponymous character of the series is called "Walters" on the show. But they never had a proper name until the Eleventh and Thirteenth Doctors used it. In fact, in the New Series Adventures, the Seventh Doctor was the first one to use their own name. The title is not an entirely accurate description, but you can still find a few examples of names and meanings from the sci-fi series.

The Doctor meets the Ice Warriors in The Judgement of Isskar, which serves as their origin story. In this episode, the Fifth and Tenth Who land on the Martian planet, looking for a segment of the Key to Time. The Martian atmosphere is peaceful, but after the segment is removed, the planet begins to erode, and the Martian scavengers become the Ice Warriors.

The Ice Warriors first appeared in the Fourth Doctor's story, "Frozen Time". In the audio play, The Silent Stars Go By, the Eleventh Doctor and Rory Williams meet the Ice Warriors and investigate their activities in Antarctica. In the fifth Doctor's audio, "The Bride of Peladon," the Ice Warrior visited Peladon to investigate the death of his sister. The newest installment of the show has the Seventh Doctor and the Ice Warriors in the comic "A Cold Day in Hell," which was published in Doctor Who Magazine.

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