Dragonkin Name Quiz

Welcome to the dragonkin name quiz. What is your dragonkin name? There are so many different types of dragons, and there are so many possibilities to choose from. The dragonkin name generator will give you many possibilities. You can start by brainstorming a few ideas, or you can fetch a favorite thing. Whichever way you choose, the results will be exciting and unique. Once you have the right name for your dragon, you can start your adventure.

The name Medusa came from a Greek goddess who looked like a man with snakes for hair. Melusine was a freshwater spirit who appeared as a snake from the waist down. Japanese names include Ryoko, which means dragon, and Tiamat, a goddess of chaos and misfortune. Apep is a Buddhist water dragon and means'slither'. Other examples include Attor, which means "poison." The Italian name Drago is a corruption of Draco.

Despite their human form, dragonkin are able to use their mythical appearance to their advantage. For example, Eva Tiamat Medusa is a banker. She has an 8-horned head and green eyeballs. She has scales tattooed on her skin, has a flattened nose, and has no outer ears. She wants to die as a human and not a dragon.

What is your Dragonkin Name?

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