Dungeons And Dragons Orc Name Quiz

Welcome to the dungeons and dragons orc name quiz. DnD characters are usually male, but there are plenty of female orcs, too. It's up to you which gender your character is. Some of the names for female orcs are more feminine than others, and some of the names for male orcs are more aggressive. Whichever orc you are, there are a lot of great orc names to choose from.

Which Orc would you be? Do you have an idea in mind? Then take our Orc Name Quiz to find out! It's very easy to pick a nickname that describes your personality, no matter how ratty or ugly you are! We'll give you some examples from the Dungeons and Dragons Orc names list!

If you want to make an orc out of a dwarven dwarf, go for a long-winded name like "Axel". Don't forget to include your alignment. Most orcs have a common name of "Axel", so you can play one if you want.

For female orcs, try picking a name that is less savage than the one you would be for a male. You can also choose an Orc last name based on their accomplishments. For example, a female orc's last name is called "Suia," which means "mother."

What is your Dungeons And Dragons Orc Name?

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