Dutch Name Quiz

Welcome to the dutch name quiz. In the Netherlands, you may be wondering what your Dutch name means. You have probably heard of a person with a surname like "De Vries," which is pronounced like "Dave." However, the meaning of this surname is much more complex. Originally from Friesland, the name Lara is pronounced like Laura. In the Netherlands, Lara is pronounced like "Margo."

The meaning of Dutch names is very varied. Some are quite significant, but some are just plain funny. The French and Napoleon forced the Dutch to adopt surnames to be used for census and taxation purposes. Many people thought that this was a temporary measure, and so gave themselves names that translated to obscene or hilarious terms. These practical jokes have stuck with people, and have been passed down through the generations.

The most famous Dutch surname is Armin Van Buuren, which is also an English surname. His family name is van Vredenburg. In addition, it's derived from the names of several towns in the Netherlands, including Breda, which is located in South Holland. Appelhof, which means "apple garden," is derived from the words Appel and garden. The Appelhof means "apple garden." Perhaps your ancestor lived near an apple tree. Elzinga comes from the Dutch word els, which means "elder tree".

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