Dwarf Name Quiz

Welcome to the dwarf name quiz. If you're a fantasy-book nerd, you might want to take a Dwarf Name Quiz. You'll be surprised at what you find! This quiz will help you choose your new dwarf name! The results are automatically generated from the answers to your personality questions. There are no right or wrong answers, because you are free to use them however you wish.

Dwarven names usually have a base and a prefix or suffix at the end. Some dwarven names feature two or three letters. The first letter in "Rarona" means "woman of Judea." A similar name, "Tathol," comes from the Greek goddess of the sky, but is a girl's name. A female dwarf can be named "Bari," which refers to her designation as a warrior. Bari is a common female dwarven surname, meaning "woman of the earth".

Male dwarves are usually gruff and suspicious. But they are loyal, strong, and coordinated. In fact, dwarves are the most disciplined and effective troops on earth! So it's natural that you'd be drawn to one of them. You might be drawn to one that is a little bit gruff or suspicious. Fortunately, there are both male and female dwarves!

What is your Dwarf Name?

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