Epithets Quiz

Welcome to the epithets quiz. Have you ever noticed that you use epithets in every sentence? Did you know that you can even turn negative epithets into positive ones? Let's take a look at some examples. First of all, "coloured" is a negative epithet. It describes the air in spring. Then, you can use it to describe the colours of the sky.

Ares is a god associated with the epithet "Manslaughtering". Ares was also known as the curse of men and sacker of cities. He is the god of war and a daughter of Zeus and Hera. His imagery often depicts the violence of warfare and recklessness. His father, Deimos, is a sea monster and the mother of the goddess Aphrodite.

Ares is associated with the epithet "Manslaughtering." He is the god of war and is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is often associated with the brutality of warfare. He is the father of Fear and Deimos, two other nymphs who are equally destructive. So, what is your Epithets? Try this fun quiz and find out.

What is your Epithets?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Epithets is.