Fallout Name Quiz

Welcome to the fallout name quiz. There are plenty of characters in Fallout 3 who were based on real people. There was Codsworth, a former soldier who escaped from Bethesda. There's even a fictional billionaire named Bruce Wayne and a superhero called Batman. So, if you want to be like the two of them, take the Fallout Name Quiz. But how do you know if it's really your name?

There's a lot of names related to Fallout, and they're all interesting! For example, October was the date of the Back to the Future movie, and Leonard McCoy was the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise. Also, the names of characters in the Matrix movies are all real people. Thankfully, these characters weren't named after people in real life.

Did you know that the character names from Fallout include some well-known people? The list of famous people in Fallout 4 includes numerous celebrities. It's easy to name a fictional person based on a famous movie or TV show! For example, in the Fallout series, you can play as the protagonist, Ellen Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver. And in Fallout 4, you can play as the 'Little Boy in the Refrigerator,' played by Sam Witwick.

Did you know that there are names that are voiced? These are just a few examples of names that may appear in Fallout games. In the video game series, many names are voiced. Some are even related to celebrities, such as Mad Max and James Bond. However, if you're looking for a unique name that has some meaning in the game world, the Fallout Name Quiz is a great way to find out.

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