Fantasy Name Generators 

About the Fantasy Name Generators

The fantasy name generators generate original and realistic sounding content for the fantasy world. The fantasy name generators are perfect for writing projects, gaming, books, role-playing, or any other activity requiring original and realistic sounding fantasy names. Using the Random Name Generator function you can generate both fictional and real-sounding fictional names. When using the fantasy name generator for games, you have a huge resource of real names and fantasy character names for any type of fantasy character. From humans to dragon names, you will find it all here in our lists of fantasy names.

Using the Fantasy Name Generators for the Fantasy Writer

If you are aspiring to be the next J.K. Rowling fantasy writer and are looking for the perfect fantasy name generator for that Harry Potter success story or a Game of Thrones themed book then this is the perfect tool for you. Names in the Harry Potter universe seem to all fit together, thanks to the imagination of the writer. If you are trying to think of the perfect female names or even supervillain names, you need your character names to be believable names. The best-suiting name might be something you imagine yourself or it might be plucked from a list of compelling names created by the fantasy name generator.

The Fantasy Name Generator for Games

The names generated are perfect for both D&D and card game lists of fantasy names. A dungeon master is often a real-time fantasy story writer who creates a world of fantasy in real-time. If you are a DM and need to quickly create cool dragon names or any other cool fantasy character names it is great to have this tool handy.

Fantasy Names for the Real World

One of the great uses for the fantasy name generators generates a combination of names for real-world events such as a source for team names and band names for musicians. Many of the generators use an extensive data set to produce combinations that give you a truly random result. If the company you work for does fantasy baseball in the office then the fantasy baseball team names generator is a perfect tool for that social event.

Customizing the Generated Results

The customized name generators can provide a vast range of changes you can make to the final results. For example, the demon names generates by the demon name generator can be by numbers or listed alphanumerically to better share with your audience. A list of dragon name ideas can be run through a translator to give the final results a different feel. English names and everyday names can be customized with the fantasy name generator tool.

Fantasy Name Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good fantasy name?

A good fantasy name is something that fits well into the story and the universe you are creating. Each story has many types of fantasy characters that all need to sound like they belong in the story. Look at how well Harry Potter fits into the writer's vision for the books.

How do you create a unique name?

The great thing about the fantasy name generators is they created truly original content. You can create supervillain names that have never been heard of before. You have an endless list of fantasy names to choose from.

What are some good DND names?

Sometimes the idea for the world you are creating and combinations of names produce the best result for DND gaming.

What are some mystical names?

You can pick any exotic name generator for creating mystical-sounding content.

What are some cool names?

That is really up to what you consider cool. Try all the fiction name generators until you have found your favorite fantasy character name.

How do you create a badass name?

Generic names or common human names don't tend to sound very badass. Best to pick a generator for fantasy names that have a hardcore or badass-sounding theme.

How do you make a catchy name?

Something catchy needs to fit in with the rest of the story you are creating Best way to find this is to try each generator until you find your favorite fantasy character name.