Fantasy Name Quiz

Welcome to the fantasy name quiz. Have you ever tried taking a fantasy name quiz? If not, you should! The questions on these tests are based on your personality and dreams. It is important that you get a name that suits you, otherwise, you might not be happy with the result. Take this quiz to find out what your fantasy would be! There are no wrong answers - just the best one for you! We hope that you will enjoy this unique experience. To create a fantasy character, you need to come up with a name from scratch. Authors of fantasy books often visit graveyards to get ideas for names. Tolkien even invented a whole language to experiment with names! Try the fantasy name quiz and see which one best describes your personality! You can always tweak your own favorite names from different countries or cultures, or you can choose something entirely new. Writers can also use the names of famous fantasy characters to come up with unique names for their characters. The quiz includes tips to help you in the process of coming up with your own name. If you're writing for a fictional character, it's important to consider your audience. Avoid picking a name that's hard to pronounce or that you don't like to spell. It's important to choose a name that will resonate with your audience and make it memorable.

What is your Fantasy Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Fantasy Name is.