Final Fantasy Xiv Elezen Name Quiz

Welcome to the final fantasy xiv elezen name quiz. If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, you may have already come across the character known as the Elezen. These creatures, who live in caves and forests, have distinctive last names that differ from other races. For example, if you're a warrior, your name might be Alamenain. If you're an archer, your name might be Beltardois. If you're a member of the VIIth Imperial Legion, you could have the lastname Bertouaint. And if you're a blacksmith, your name might be Cahernaut.

If you're a woman, you may like to consider the Ilfie Elezen name, while if you're a man, your name might be Raitmeaux. Both female and male Elezen can use this name, but the spelling is slightly different. If you're a boy, you may want to consider Raoul, but if you're a girl, you might like Oritte.

Female Elezen names are generally longer than male ones, with a silent -t ending. A few examples include Bertennant, Carrilaut, and Mourechaux. If you're a warrior of Coerthas, Nogeloix is a great choice. Or if you're a warlock of Gridania, you might prefer Padilloux or Raitmeaux, which are both good choices for female Elezen.

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