Flat Earth Theory Quiz

Welcome to the flat earth theory quiz. Many people question the validity of flat earth theories. There is a raging debate over the scientific proof that the Earth is round and revolves around the sun. Some believe that it is round because it rotates around the sun. Others say it's flat because it isn't. Some say that the moon is round and orbits the Earth because of gravity. Whatever the reason, you should know your facts before arguing with people who believe in flat earth theories. The "model" of the flat earth says that the Earth's north pole is a sharply defined border with Antarctica. However, there is no definitive South Pole, according to the flat earth movement. The theory is based on the fact that the southern lights are regularly visible in Antarctica, and are also visible occasionally in Tasmania and New Zealand. It's not clear what the true meaning of these lights is, but they may be a part of a giant hoax to keep the flat earthers from realizing it. Flat earthers claim that the Earth's surface is flat because they use photos taken from far-away locations to prove their point. They use the skyline of Chicago, which is about 100 kilometers away, as proof that the Earth is flat. If the Earth is curvatured, these skylines would be impossible to see. Therefore, the evidence to support this theory is very ambiguous and the scientific explanation is far more reliable.

What is your Flat Earth Theory?

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