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Welcome to the food fact quiz. You've probably heard about Pizza Hut and the company's soaring popularity. However, do you know who invented the chain? What is your favorite type of pizza? And what are the food facts of your country? Here are some examples: a McDonald's is the world's largest toy distributor. A tigernut is an edible bean from East Asia used to make miso and tofu.

Aioli sauce is a condiment used to mix flavors. "Paring" means to add the right amount of fat to foods before cooking them. Haddock is a Scottish soup known for its black blotch above its pectoral fin. In Chinese cuisine, mutton is called mu shu. Stilton cheese is an English cheese. Falafel is a combination of chocolate and cream.

In addition to the different types of foods, the quiz also asks about famous dishes and fast food restaurants. Basically, you can test your knowledge about nutrition and health by answering questions about popular meals. There are a few types of questions on famous meals, such as the French fries and the Italian pasta. A few of the questions will even be about the origin of peanut butter. You can take the Foodfact Quiz and find out! You'll be surprised at the results! And don't forget to share your answers with your friends!

If you're a fan of ice cream, try our new quiz on weird food. There's even a category for enchiladas, which came from the county of Yorkshire. You might even learn something new by taking the Foodfact Quiz. What is Yours? (What is Your Food-Worthy)!u003cextra_id_91u003e What is Your Food Fact? - What's Yours?

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