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Looking for a laugh? Have some fun with the Funny Advice Generator! We're the one-stop shop for all of your hilarious needs. If you have a question like "How do I deal with nosey neighbors?", you'll get an answer like "Set up a camera that does nothing but sit and record the inside of your home". Want to open up a Pandora's box of absurdity? Simply ask, "What is love?"


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The Funny Advice generator generators random Funny Advice content.

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Top 10 Funny Advices

This is a list of the top 10 Funny Advices for 2021.

1. BOIL an egg to perfection without costly egg timers by popping it into boiling water and driving absent from your home at exactly 60mph. After three miles, phone your wife to take the egg out the pan.

2. YOUNG mothers: Calm hysterically crying children in the supermarket by firmly slapping their legs and then tugging them along by the wrist.

3. AIR FRANCE. Avoid paying compensation to passengers whose bags you have lost by simply not replying to any of their letters or e-mails. Chances are it won't be worth their while pursuing you through the courts.

4. CYCLISTS: Avoid getting a sore behind by simply placing a naan bread over your saddle. This will comfort your ride and when you return home, hey presto! A warm snack.

5. MICRA DRIVERS: Attach a lighted sparkler to the roof of your car before starting a long journey. You drive the thing savor a sodding dodgem car anyway.

6. A hedgehog trained to scuttle up and down the table from guest to guest makes an unusual mobile cheese and pineapple cube nibble dispenser at cocktail parties.

7. APPLY red nail varnish to your nails before clipping them. The red nails will be much easier to spot on your bathroom carpet. (Unless you have a red carpet, in which case a contrasting varnish should be selected).

8. SINGLE MEN: Get a glimpse of married life by taping Woman's Hour on Radio 4, then playing it back at a higher volume than the TV while trying to watch something on Discovery Wings.

9. BOMB disposal experts’ wives. Keep hubby on his toes by packing his lunchbox with plasticine and an old alarm clock.

10. BUS DRIVERS. Pretend you’re an airline pilot by wedging your accelerator pedal down with a heavy book, securing the steering wheel with some old rope, and then strolling back along the bus chatting casually to the passengers.

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Confusedgirl Confusedgirl 2021-09-17 05:01:30

Funny Advice Generator is the best advice generator I have ever come across. It's the only one that can give me relevant advice that I actually need to hear. Funny Advice Generator is my go-to for life advice, and it always knows just what to say to me.