Galician Name Quiz

Welcome to the galician name quiz. There are 22 names from Galicia. Eleven are for girls and 11 for boys. Some are very common, some are rare. But none of them are boring. Take the Galician Name Quiz and find out! You'll be surprised at the results! There are several names from Galicia, ranging from 8 Olalla (meaning well spoken) to Baia, a variant of Eugenia. Other uncommon names include Celtia, which means 'of the Celts'. And Maruxa, which means Mary, is a popular way of referring to your Galician heritage.

The history of Galicia is a fascinating one. The area is home to many rich cultural traditions. The most famous Galician in the world is Enrique Iglesias. He is the son of former football player Julio Iglesias and is considered the King of Latin Pop. So, how do you think your name is related to a famous Galician?

The first step is to take the Galician Name Quiz. The results will be shown to you in an hour or so. It will be interesting to see what sort of names you came up with. If you don't know your heritage, you'll be amazed at the answers! The Galician language is so rich and diverse that you can find your own unique name.

What is your Galician Name?

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