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Welcome to the giant name quiz. If you've always wanted to be a giant, this quiz is for you. The giant name generator will create thousands of names. Choose the one that suits you best! Take the quiz now! You'll be glad you did. We hope you enjoyed the quiz! Have a great day! And remember to take a Giant Name Quiz!

A Storm giant lives in the storms and hurls magic lightning balls. They rarely communicate and often live alone. The proper name of this giant is Adrone, which comes from the word "adroit". There are also songs by Eddy Benz and Swaleh, who sang of their characters' names, like Buzi, Beng, and Defunct. Other famous names are Ettin, which are five-letter giant names, but you can also choose any other one.

Giants are mythical creatures that weigh thousands of pounds. They are very large like bears, but are able to counter tricks and expand themselves into humongous size. Their common names are Storm, Orgir, and Orgir. All of these names have some interesting lore behind them. The meaning of these names may surprise you! Don't worry, though, because we're here to help you!

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