Greek Name Quiz

Welcome to the greek name quiz. You have heard of the Greek Gods before, but what about your own Greek name? These mythological characters have fascinating stories to tell, and they are an excellent source of inspiration for names. Nephele is a great example of a Greek name; she was a cloud nymph created by Zeus, and is the mother of centaurs. In the myth of the golden fleece, she is the goddess of hospitality.

The Greeks named many famous people with Greek names. Hector, the king of Troy in the Trojan War, was given the name Hector, after the famous warrior. Adonis, the name of a handsome young shepherd, was derived from the Greek word for 'lord', and was later used for a famous warrior. Xanthos, a name derived from a word meaning "yellow", was given to several characters in Greek mythology. Finally, Patroclus was named after the Greek god Zephyr, who was responsible for bringing early spring breezes and brought the rain to earth.

A few more interesting Greek names are Hector and Atlas. Hector was the son of Minos and Pasiphae, and was a warrior in the Trojan War. Adonis, the daughter of Herakles, was the wife of the immortal Hercules. Another Greek name, Iason, was given to the hero Dionysus. In Roman mythology, he is called Bacchus.

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