Gujarati Name Quiz

Welcome to the gujarati name quiz. Your surname is likely derived from the Sanskrit word 'Gupta,' meaning secret or protected. It's also derived from the Gujarati word 'Hathi', which means elephant, which indicates that you are a merchant, trader, or auctioneer. If your name is Gupta, you are probably a Jain, which is derived from the Sanskrit word "jina," which means victory. The last Gujarati name on our list, Daruwala, is a composite of two Gujarati words: Daru, meaning alcohol, and wala, meaning maker or seller of jari/zari.

A Gujarati name can mean many things. A surname may mean different things to different people, depending on the context. For example, the word 'Shah' means treasurer, but it also refers to a village in Gujarat, specifically Kotadiya. It could also be a traditional occupational name for someone in the business community. Similarly, a surname like 'Shroff' may mean banker or cashier, and the word 'Virani' denotes a descendant of Lakh, which is also a word from Sanskrit.

The surname 'Shah' is derived from the Hindustani word 'panch,' which means 'fifth'. The word 'Sheth' is another occupational name, denoting a head or chief. These terms are also used to describe businesspeople. Lakhani, which means 'Descendant of Lakh,' comes from the Sanskrit word 'Laksmana', which means 'auspicious marks'. This surname is also a common surname among Sindhis.

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