Hausa Name Quiz

Welcome to the hausa name quiz. A male name in Hausa is Bako, and it means "beggar." Another name in Hausa is Babangida, which means "grandfather." It is a common choice for a male child born during the drought season. The in-laws are usually embarrassed to call the baby by his normal title, so they call the child by his Hausa name.

Some of the Hausa names we know have been derived from other languages, such as Yoruba. The English language also shares some of these names. In fact, the German missionary J.F. Schon first taught the language outside of Africa, in Berlin. It has since become one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and is taught in many universities that have an African language department. A 1934 Hausa dictionary, compiled by Rev. G.P. Bargery, contains over forty thousand entries. The 40,000-word list showed that the Hausa language was influenced by other languages, including Arabic, Kanuri, and Tamajaq.

The Hausa name is not uncommon in Nigeria. There are hundreds of different ethnic groups, but the three most commonly known are the Yoruba, Igbo/Ibo, and Hausa. The typical custom is that women take their husband's family name when they marry, and children take their father's. It is not unusual for children to inherit a name from their mother.

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