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Welcome to the heist name quiz. Taking the Heist Name Quiz will help you identify with your favorite character. The quiz will ask you questions about the scenes and seasons that you enjoy watching, and the names of some of your favorite TV shows. You may also want to take a Money Heist Character Quiz if you love that show. This one will test your knowledge of the characters and what they're like off-screen.

Agata Jimenez is better known as Nairobi. She was born as Agatha Jimenez and learned how to counterfeit money at a young age. In her teenage years, she was a foster child and was adopted by a couple from Mexico. She had a baby boy named Axel, but child services took him away when he was three. Agata had a daughter named Ariadna Cascales.

You can even take a Heist Name Quiz to see if you have a favorite heist. For example, some heist crews have a city name. For instance, the city of Mexico is the perfect name for a heist crew. If you're a fan of a particular artist, then you may want to choose a city that represents your favorite works.

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