How to Create a Code Name for a Secret Project

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Using codenames can be an effective way to increase security and conceal your identity. The CIA uses codenames to protect its operations by adding another layer of security. The CIA generates codenames by randomly choosing the first two letters of a cryptonym, which represent the country in question. The second letter of the cryptonym is completely random, and represents a different word altogether.

XBox One

You may have heard about Xbox project names before. Microsoft was looking to improve upon the popular XBox 360 gaming console and they came up with the codename "Durango." The codename did not reveal the actual product's name, but it was a fun way to keep the project name secret. The Xbox One's codename is also more unique than its predecessor. It was discovered by a dataminer searching through Xbox data mines.

Microsoft has not confirmed any future plans for the Xbox, but the Xbox Series X has been updated to include more powerful specs. It's possible that Microsoft is working on an Xbox Series X version, as "Durango" was the codename for the Xbox One. Regardless, if Microsoft hasn't confirmed the codename for the Xbox One, it's possible the new console will have the same codename.

XBox 360

If you are working on a secret Xbox 360 project, you can make a code name for yourself to distinguish it from the other members of the project. A code name is a fun way to show off what you are capable of. Be authentic in your choice and ensure you don't engage in any kind of inappropriate behavior. It's not necessary to be an actor in the game, but you should be true to yourself and create unique content for your Xbox 360 gamertag.


Code names aren't just for fun. They're also helpful in business settings. They protect sensitive information from the general public. Have you ever heard a secret meeting or conversation in public? If so, code names can be your key to protecting your business's secrets. Listed below are some suggestions for a good code name. If you're having trouble coming up with a code name, try using a generator to help you out.

Using code names is not just for secret projects, though. Almost anything classified can be given a code word. Special Access Programs (SAPs) contain several components, sub-components, and projects, so it's easy to compartmentalize security by assigning a code word to each. For example, a government organization might want to use code names for a project involving a particular country.

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