How to Motivate People

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Motivation is contagious. It comes from within. In fact, there is nothing worse than watching a group of people succeed, and wishing that you were as motivated. But how do you get started? What do you need to motivate people? You can read this article to find out. And, if you are motivated by reading this article, you are already well on your way to being motivated. The best part is, motivation comes from within.

Motivation is contagious

It is no secret that motivated people spread their own motivating vibes. Their charged air is contagious, and it makes it difficult for others to remain unmotivated. Not only does motivation improve productivity and service quality, but it can also help employees retain their jobs. The same holds true for employees, who can infuse their own motivation by observing the way other people behave in the workplace. In addition to this, motivation can also improve company values.

Sadly, 85% of the workforce is disengaged, waiting for a boss to "inspire" them to go the extra mile. While this may sound like a cliche, it is true. Disengaged employees tend to stay on the sidelines and dread the prospect of losing their jobs. But, motivated employees actively seek ways to improve their efficiency and productivity. They also reach out to help colleagues. So, how do you get motivated?

It comes from within

We all know there are two types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic. The former comes from external factors, such as money, rewards, or threats of punishment. While intrinsic motivation comes from within, extrinsic motivation often relies on short-term rewards. For example, when you are motivated to study for an exam or get a promotion at work, the external rewards will likely come in the form of a paycheck or bonus.

Extrinsic motivation, or self-motivation, is often found in external factors, such as money or the desire to please others. Oftentimes, individuals seek out external motivation in the form of relatedness, praise, and social approval. Extrinsic motivation relies on both the hindbrain and midbrain to regulate basic functions and the desire for reward. The benefits and costs of extrinsic motivation vary from individual to individual.

Intrinsic motivation is the most beneficial for success. People who are intrinsically motivated perform a task because they enjoy it. People who are motivated by external factors are typically motivated by the rewards they will receive if they complete the task. Extrinsic motivation is only effective in some circumstances, such as in unpleasant situations where people need to study for a test. People who are motivated by extrinsic motivation study for grades and achieve them to avoid punishment or earn a reward.

Motivation comes from many sources, including fear of rejection and the need for social approval. By understanding how these factors impact our motivation, we can better understand ourselves and others. It is important to realize that motivation can be internal or external, and we should try to work on both in order to achieve our goals. However, motivation is often found in both external and internal sources. If it comes from within, then it's a natural and healthy process, and it can be as strong as any other source of motivation.

It is contagious

We all know that people with the same motivation levels are more likely to succeed than those without. It is contagious, and we pick up motivation from others without realizing it. People who are motivated have an aura of energy and excitement. The atmosphere they create is contagious. A messy desk, or untidy work area, shows that they are highly intelligent and creative. However, the opposite can also be true if the person around them is dreading the work.

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