How to Name a Board Game

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There are a few things to consider when naming your board game. You want to create a name that appeals to your target audience. You should choose a name that suggests adventure and positive vibes. For instance, if your game is aimed at adults, you may name it Epic Games. This name sounds positive and adventurous and suggests memorable games for all ages. Additionally, it has the benefit of being alliterative.

Character sheets

There are a few things to consider when creating character sheets for a board game. First, you should ensure that the layout of the sheet allows for the player to record all the relevant information quickly and easily. If you are working with a character sheet that is longer than one page, place the most frequently used data areas in the front. Secondly, the character sheet should be well-organized and not too crowded.

A character sheet should provide information about the character. The game should also provide information about the player's abilities. In some games, the character is represented by a card that represents a person or an object. In other games, the character is represented by a physical object. When naming a character sheet, you should keep in mind how many pieces a character will need. It should be easy for players to understand what actions each character can perform based on their abilities.

For example, the character sheet for a board game can include a sprue for the game's character sheets. This sprue is a small, light-density board that must be unpacked. These pieces are usually labeled with their name or a shadow. Other names, such as chits, are commonly used as markers, tiles, or tokens.

In addition to the Bio-text field, a character sheet can also include keywords. You should shuffle the Character deck before you use it in the game. After each round, players should know which Characters are on their team. If you aren't sure about the names, you can research the Characters on the Internet. However, make sure not to give away the character or its keyword. This will only lead to confusion and a negative game experience.


There are many things to consider when naming a board game. A good name will be descriptive and appealing to a broad audience. Most board games contain various pieces, some of which are obvious. Others have more obscure names. These pieces, also known as equipment, can range from chits, tiles, counters, dice, and pawns. Individual pieces will generally have specific names. Listed below are some suggestions for game names.


There are many components of a typical board game, some of which have obvious names, and others that are more difficult to come up with. Often referred to as equipment, these pieces can include chits, counters, dice, pawns, and more. While some games have specific names for their components, the most effective way to come up with an appropriate name for your game is to brainstorm and consider what other board games have been named.


The game is named after the mathematical concept of modulo, the difference in multiplicities between two numbers. Specifically, cards with multiplicities of two or more can have first or second digits of different moduli. The lexicographic order of the cards' digits might be a clue to their function. Players may also want to indicate the modulus of a particular digit position, so that they can make more complex combinations. Similarly, a player may combine cards of different multiplicities. For instance, mod-4-mult-3, mod-2-mult-2, or mod-1. As the name suggests, any sequence can only contain cards of one multiplicity or higher.

Another reason for the game's name is its complexity. There are two types of modulus sequences: prime and composite. Prime modulus sequences are the same length, while composite modulus sequences are longer and more complex. Modulo's pack contains 36 cards, and each of these has two periods equal to one. The game is difficult to master because each player must have at least five pieces. But even with the intricate and complex scoring patterns, players aren't able to master all of the strategies.

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