How to Name a Fantasy Tavern

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Having trouble naming your fantasy pub? Here are a few suggestions: Scaled Back Tavern, Surly Shepherd, and Shadow Of The Castle. If none of those titles strike your fancy, consider giving your fantasy pub a fictional name. Alternatively, you can pick a name from one of your favorite fantasy novels. Once you have an idea of what name to give your fantasy pub, you can make it happen.


The word "phylactery" originated in real-world religious practices, but Paizo has since dropped the term from its Pathfinder publications. This word actually comes from a lich soul cage, which is often referred to as a phylactery. This word may be used in the context of a fantasy tavern, but it is unlikely to make a good choice for a name of a fantasy tavern.

Scaled Back Tavern

In Scaled Back Fantasy Tavern, the tavern is a place where adventurers can come for a drink. With wooden tables and extensive otherworldly decor, it's an adventurer's haven. Besides the excellent food and drink selection, the game has an intriguing story, and the tavernkeepers play the role of fantasy characters. There are also role-playing opportunities that involve completing tasks in the game, such as slaying monsters.

Shadow Of The Castle

There are many options when it comes to naming your fantasy tavern. For example, you could name it Merl Inn, which is run by a self-entitled wizard named Merl. You could also name it Drowning Cat Tavern, since a cat perches on a beer mug, or The Plight Of The Pint, where you can drink beer while overlooking a beautiful view. You could even name your tavern after a dragon, such as The Staggering Dragon, or as The Surly Shepherd, where a shepherd holds a flock of sheep. There are plenty of other names to choose from, but these are the best options.

Surly Shepherd

If you're interested in creating a unique character for your tavern, you can always use a random tavern name generator. These programs allow you to choose 10 random names and use them in your works. Most tavern names follow a similar pattern. There are several advantages to using a tavern name generator. Here are a few:

When choosing a name for a tavern, it's important to keep the setting's illusion alive. The names of taverns are often material details, and should provide substance to the setting. If every inn sounds like a comedy, it breaks the illusion. The most common tavern name for fantasy inns is Surly Shepherd.

In DnD, taverns often have the best puns in history. For example, a bar that serves a dragon's rib cage has a flagon inside. Similarly, an inn for traveling knights might be named A Good Knight's Rest. A fun name for a tavern could be Dancing Duck or Catch Her in the Eye.


If you're looking for a unique name for your fantasy tavern, try the Puzzles Tavern. This name sounds like a puzzle, but also has some meaning. Similarly, the Sweet Retreat is a bar and pastry bakery. The Darkvis-Inn is a tavern located outside the town. Lastly, the Dive Bar is a dive bar that serves little people. The Half Pint would be perfect for a dive bar. And if you're looking for a name for a dive bar, choose the name of The Dive Bar. Similarly, The Don't Go Inn is a name that would make you uncomfortable. The Don't Go Inn would be uninviting, while The Half Pint is perfect for a tavern

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