How to Name a Fantasy Weapon

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There are a few things to keep in mind when naming a Fantasy Weapon. Consider your Character's personality. Do you like to play with technology? What about tactics? What about handle length? How long is the handle? If you're unsure, use a combination of these factors to name the weapon. A little creativity can go a long way. Here are a few examples. Also, consider the name of the wielder.

Character's personality

Fantasy writers will often map a character's personality to his or her weapon. An axe, for instance, has the same personality as a shotgun. The choice of weapon should be connected to the character's personality to be successful. For this reason, you should consider the personality of your character when naming a fantasy weapon. Otherwise, your readers will not understand the connection between the weapon and the character's personality.


Names for fantasy weapons can be quite imaginative. You can name them for their appearance or as a symbol of a character. Some mythical figures are strongly associated with their weapons. These include King Arthur with Excalibur, Robin Hood with bow and arrows, and Poseidon with a trident. A fantasy weapon's name should not be overly technologically advanced. You don't need time travel or a higher level of technology than elsewhere in the world to name it. If you want to make it as imaginative as possible, you can name it after a Da Vinci-like inventor.


There are some rules to following when naming a fantasy weapon. While you don't need to use real world terms for weapons, you can use them to make the name of the fantasy item more memorable. For example, if you're going to name a sword after the Norn god Odin, you may want to use his name. Otherwise, you can use the name of the Norn god, which would be "Skuld."

When naming a fantasy weapon, remember that you should use something memorable and striking. A good name will say something about the weapon's purpose or reflect the values of the character who will be using it. For example, a paladin's broadsword is named after the goddess Eldath, who inspires the wielder to refrain from using a killing blow. The name Eldath represents the pacifist and peaceful goddess.

Choosing a unique fantasy weapon is an important part of creating a memorable fantasy world. Unique weapons will draw readers in and give your fantasy world a special place in the hearts of readers. Choosing weapons for your characters can be a lot of fun. When you're writing, you'll be able to use the weapon as a tool to flesh out the character. It's also good to keep in mind the message you'd like to send to the reader when choosing a fantasy weapon.

Once you've chosen the right weapon type, the next step is to choose a name for it. You can use a fantasy name generator or you can create your own with editing software. It's possible to create a name by combining the various parts of the fantasy weapon. While it's mostly for inspiration, it's possible to create an interesting result with editing software. When you name a fantasy weapon, make sure to keep the character's name in mind.

Handle length

Many fictional weapons have names. While most are magical, a few are not. Some are known for their owners, such as the legendary sword of King Arthur, or as a common household item. These weapons share a common personality and would be appropriate as a name for a fictional weapon. If you're stumped, here are 100 fantasy weapon names that are unique and will surely catch the attention of your readers.


Name your fantasy weapon with the same language your fictional world uses. There are several examples in the real world of names for magical items. In RPGs, weapons often have a mix of real-world and Public Domain Artifact names. Names for fantasy weapons tend to be more creative than those for real-world objects. You can try different variations of the word "weapon" to give your weapon a unique identity.

To give your fantasy weapon a unique name, you can look for famous swords and shields that conjure images of epic battles. For example, the sword of King Arthur is known as Excalibur. However, not all weapons are famous because of their powerful artifacts. Others are famous simply because of their owner. In either case, there are a hundred unique fantasy weapon names that will help you find the best one for your weapon.

Creating a unique name for your fantasy weapon can be a fun exercise in imagination. Fantasy weapon names are often deeply rooted in language and culture. Names for throwing weapons, for instance, are typically derived from people, places, and animals. Christian characters, however, will be named after saints or other important figures. Unlike humans, however, robots will not have culturally related names. By combining words, you can create a unique name for your weapon and make it stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to subvert fantasy readers' assumptions about weapons is to learn what their own expectations are. Creating a reference table of common fantasy weapons should provide authors with a rough idea of how their readers perceive these objects. By subverting these assumptions, the fantasy world can come alive and win hearts. So, why not take the time to create a reference table? The reference table will not only provide the information about what readers expect, but it will also give the author an idea of how readers will interpret it.

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