Human Species Name Quiz

Welcome to the human species name quiz. If you're not sure about your species name, take the Human Species Naming Quiz. This fun game will help you figure out what you're really made of. What animal are you? What does your personality look like? What language do you speak? How many times have you heard the word "hobbit" in the news? There are dozens of possible answers to the Human species name quiz, so take it today and find out!

If you're not sure about your species name, take this quiz and see if you can figure out the answer. The correct answer will be listed on your result card. The human species name is something like "Earthling". This is the scientific term for the human race, and it's used in science fiction to describe us. Some popular examples include Homo erectus, Homo nephobus, and Terran.

If you have never met an extinct human species before, you'll be surprised at how similar you look to it. This is an old name for the species that lives in our world today. However, it's also a good name for a new baby. Your name will be on the label. The human species name quiz will give you a clue.

What is your Human Species Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Human Species Name is.