Indonesian Name Quiz

Welcome to the indonesian name quiz. What is your Indonesian name? You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have an Indonesian origin! It's quite common to use a first and last initial when you address someone. Regardless of your gender, it's probably a good idea to learn about the meaning of your Indonesian name so you can make it more personal. It's also important to know your origins, as Indonesians refer to their ethnic groups with the same names.

The first part of your name is the most common. Most Indonesians have an anglicized version of their first and middle names. This includes the names of non-Christians and Catholics. The most common one-word name is "Ning-see", which means noble in Indonesian. You'll find a number of people who have shortened versions of their first names, such as Priscilla, Aku, and Axel.

The second part of your name will help you determine if your Indonesian name is a native name. If your name is a three-word name, you will often use a nickname in casual conversations, such as Nisa. It's common to be known by several different names, although Indonesians will typically tell you which one is theirs. However, you can also use your own name if you're not sure.

What is your Indonesian Name?

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