Inn Name Quiz

Welcome to the inn name quiz. There is an inn name for every type of inn. From upscale to cheap, there is a name for your inn. Whether you are a first-time innkeeper or you've been in business for ages, you'll want a unique and creative name for your place of business. If you're not sure how to start, take our Inn Naming Quiz. What is your Inn's Story?

Did you know the name of the inn you stayed in? It might be a quaint old castle in the middle of nowhere, or maybe a luxurious inn with straw mattresses and expensive amenities. Whatever your Inn Name, it needs to stick in the minds of guests and lure them in. The best names are memorable and enticing. Try to keep this in mind when choosing a name for your inn.

What is your Inn Name? - Did you know that the King of Measuria once spent the night at this inn? The advertisement boasts that it is fit for a king, but it's cheap? The innkeeper was once a scout for the Princess, and camped on a hill to avoid capture. He returned after the war was over to build the inn.

What is your Inn Name?

Answer a few easy question and we will tell you what your Inn Name is.