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Generate fun, amusing and insulting insults with the Insult Generator. Each insult is 100% original created by our AI insult robot. Generate insults nobody has ever seen before and blast your friends and enemies with them. Perfect for online roasting, social media, Reddit and school fun!!


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Insult Generator Overview

The insult generator uses every known insult as a base and then using AI machine logic algorithms creates totally 100% new insults that are guaranteed to be 100% original. You can then use your original insult for your own personal amusements, annoying your mates or for projects that require original insults such as movie scripts and books. All insults aim to cover multiple genres to ensure you can find the perfect insult for your insulting needs. Insults are all nicely in CAPS to show you really mean your insult. Great for in-game roasting and family gatherings.

How to Generate a Insult

The insult generator is easy to use, you simply hit the Generate button and a fresh insult will be created for you. When you have generated the perfect insult you hit the Copy button the insult is copied to your device clipboard for pasting anywhere you like. In addition, you can use the social media sharing buttons to share your insult across your favorite social media sites.

Insult API

Do you want to have Insult random content on your website, blog or app with our API? Check out the Insult API

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