Jungle Name Quiz

Welcome to the jungle name quiz. If you've never taken a Jungle Name Quiz, you're in for a treat. The jungle is a land cover that typically occurs in tropical climates. Although its definition and application have evolved greatly throughout the centuries, jungles still exist in every continent. Whether or not they contain animals is a matter of interpretation, but many people have come to consider these lands as lush and beautiful, and the wildlife found there is truly amazing.

The term jungle is a misnomer. The name originally referred to a forest that was inaccessible to humans, and the tangled vegetation that lined its banks gave the impression that the entire forest was a thick, impenetrable jungle. Today, it is used to refer to any type of humid tropical forest, particularly rain forests. The term includes cloud forests, temperate rainforests, and mangroves, as well. The word "jungle" is not a synonym for "easy to travel," but instead means an environment with wild and savage animals.

The word "jungle" means "inaccessible." When European explorers entered a tropical rainforest, they mistakenly interpreted the dense tangled vegetation that lined the stream banks as a jungle. However, today jungle generally refers to any humid tropical forest. Although its meaning is often associated with tropical rain forests, it also includes cloud forests, temperate rainforests, and mangroves. As a result, the word "jungle" has come to represent savagery and danger.

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