Khmer Name Quiz

Welcome to the khmer name quiz. Despite being a complex language, Cambodian names are often quite simple, and most have meanings that aren't readily known. For example, the word Sokha means wealth or happiness, while Roumduol is a common female name that means "golden girl." Male names are more common and are often related to virtues or beauty. These are just a few examples of the names that can be chosen from a Khmer name quiz.

First of all, the meaning of the word. While most Cambodian names are derived from nature, some names can mean something awful, so it's important to check out the meaning of the name before making a decision. For instance, the word Rath, which means "flower," is a good example of a nature-inspired name. Another popular name is Chhan, which means "moonlight," and Ny means "shining sun."

A common Cambodian name is Rath, which means "flower." It can also be spelled Roth. Many of the most common names are the result of combining two names. For example, the names Chhan and Ny combine to form Chhanny, which means "moonlight". Other common Khmer names are Arunny and Boupha, which mean "morning sun." Other nature-inspired names include Champei, Chankrisna, and Kunthea.

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